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Bo's battle with immune system problems continues


"Super" Bo Macan took on the federal government shutdown to get blood work done at the National Institute of Health. Those results are in and, unfortunately, they aren't an answer his doctors were hoping for.

"Those test came out that part of his immune system was not attacking another part. That changed our medical management as far as what drugs we are going to use to alter his immune system, or improving it to fight the infection he has," Dr. Selina Gierer said.

Bo is recovering at the University of Kansas Hospital after having surgery Wednesday morning. A port used for access to his bloodstream had to be removed.

"The skin around it started to not look healthy. For a kiddo who has immune system problems as it is, it was kind of like an open gateway into his body for infections," Dr. Michael Lewis said.

But his mother Carolyn Macan said he's doing well.

"He's tired and on pain meds," she added.

When he's healthy enough to travel, Bo will go to Bethesda, MD, to the NIH for further testing.

"Best case scenario is we find something that can be treated. Especially with these immune deficiencies, by finding a treatment, potentially a bone marrow transplant, you can cure some immune deficiencies. There are risks with bone marrow transplant, so we make the decision very cautiously and like to know as much as we can before that decision is made," Gierer said.

While Bo's mom waits to find out what specifically is wrong with his immune system, she's searching for a bone marrow match. Shawnee Mission North is hosting a Be the Match drive at Friday's football game versus Shawnee Mission East. Click here for more information.

"It's just nice to see that they care and willing to go above and beyond to do something like this. And not just for my kid, for anyone's, there are plenty of kids who need bone marrow transplants," Macan said.

Even though Bo spent his fourth birthday in the hospital, his mother said she has hope the NIH will find the answers they've been looking for.

Click here for more on Be the Match and how you can get involved.

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