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Tivoli theater in desperate need to raise money


It's a sign of the times in the local movie theater business, and it's not a positive one.

The Tivoli Theater in Kansas City, MO, a long time fixture in the KC movie scene, says it needs to raise $130,000 in the next 40 days.  

"We need to raise the money before the end of the year to complete the conversion to digital," Theater Owner Jerry Harrington said. "We're cautiously optimistic we can do this."

If not, it looks like the end for the Tivoli, one of the few independently operated movie theaters in the Kansas City area.

"It's an all-or-nothing deal. We need to raise all the money through Kickstarter, or we get none of it," Harrington told KCTV5. "We have made a down payment on the digital projectors needed to us to stay in business, but we need to raise the rest of the money to pay them off. We have all of these wonderful 35 millimeter projects, but films will no longer be distributed in that format, so they're useless."

To learning how to donate, Harrington said you go to www.savethetivoli.com, and you will be directed from there.

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