Roy Moore Loses, Again - Montgomery Alabama news.

October 4, 6:40 p.m.

Roy Moore Loses, Again

Roy Moore Roy Moore

On its first day back in session, the United States Supreme Court rejected an appeal from former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore.

He was asking for his job back after he was removed from the position because of his stance on the ten commandments monument. In a statement he said he was disappointed, but not surprised by what he calls "a liberal supreme court."

His adversary in the case, the Southern Poverty Law Center says Monday's ruling means the legal aspects of the matter are over, but it is still concerned about the finance impact for lawyers on the case.

Rhonda Brownstein says, "Well it is high time that Mr. Moore keep his promise to the taxpayers of Alabama. He promised that his personal battle for the ten commandments would not cost the taxpayer's any money and it's cost them over half a million dollars; and now that he has done his fight and lost in front of 30 judges, it is time for him to pay back the taxpayers."

Last week the court threw out a lawsuit filed by citizens to get Moore to pay the plaintiff's legal fees. Moore can seek re-election in 2006.

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