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Goshen Elementary School's Mrs. Dawn Scarbrough is this Week's Class Act


Mrs. Scarbrough loves teaching her first graders at Goshen Elementary.

"They are so eager to learn they are like sponges and they just soak everything we tell them, so it makes my job easy."  Said Mrs. Scarbrough.

She says its an interesting time in a child' life, making the transition from kindergarten to 1st grade.

"Its different because we start having grades like ABC's and we have report cards." Said Mrs. Scarbrough.

And the best way to teach is to lead by example.

"Modeling We have to show them what we expect from them we have lots of routines we have to stay in a routine." Said Mrs. Scarbrough.

But Ms. Scarbrough is going through a transition of her own.

"I am approaching retirement." Said Mrs. Scarbrough.

After 37 years of teaching, Ms. Dawn Scarbrough is putting down the chalk and eraser to spend more time with her husband and new grand baby.  The decision was not easy

"It makes me feel so sad. I love it and I feel so blessed teaching to me is a calling and I found that calling." Said Mrs. Scarbrough.

congratulations Mrs. Scarbrough your this week's class act.

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