Editorial: "Bullies Revisited"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Last week I delivered an editorial on bullying and the tragedy that can follow when children get to places that are so low after being bullied that they would rather be dead than deal with another day of torment.  My hope was to put a spotlight on something that must be dealt with, must be talked about and must not be swept under a rug.  Bullying has been on the national stage in the last week with the Miami Dolphin offensive lineman leaving the team due to the verbal assault from another teammate; illustrating this is not just an issue for children.

The vast majority of the feedback was in agreement that this is a problem deserving of more attention, but a few responded in a different fashion.  Here is one I received that I found particularly disturbing and I quote, "Not to minimize the content of this editorial in any way whatsoever, let's start talking about parents raising up a bunch of wusses ... who need their parents there to protect them at all times because someone might hurt their feelings!"  Not to minimize the content of your response, but I feel it's misguided and boldly illustrates how some view those that cry out due when bullied as "tattle-tails, wimps and cry babies."  So I ask you this, is the 300 pound Miami Dolphin offensive lineman that just left his team because of the relentless attacks is a "wuss?"

The lesson in all of this is we all need to respect one another's likes, interests, differences, and commonalities. It's not the right of another to make oneself feel superior by making another feel inferior and for that reason alone, we ask that you do your part to end the cycle of bullying when you are aware its happening …log onto www.stopbullying.gov to learn more. You might just save a life.

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