Editorial: "Viewer Feedback"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - To our comment about Harvey Updyke's sentence, "The price is high, but so is the value of what he destroyed",

Kathy wrote:

"He should have to pay, those were historical trees, they were there long before the football teams were."

Linda wrote:

"…that wacko deserves to pay for what he did to those trees… fans of both teams need to be warned  not to do anything like that again."

Elizabeth wrote:

"I still think it's excessive for trees that were already dying, per Auburn University."

And, Brenda wrote:

"It's a tree.  Not a person.  Sick of this mess.  Move on."

To our comment about state prison overcrowding,  "We will continue to look for and support any idea or measure that can reduce the number of people entering into our state's prison system."

Chelle wrote:

"They should stop imprisoning people for things that are not a violation of the right to life, liberty and/or the property of another. Release all non-violent drug offenders."

Ashley wrote:

"Let the non-violent out on a program called community corrections!  They are still technically a DOC inmate but are allowed to serve their time on the outside."

And John wrote:

"Death row should always be vacant, sans 1 prisoner… the one that was just sent there the day prior.  The Constitution calls for a speedy trial followed by quick execution of sentence."

As always, we appreciate your comments.