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Some fans choose family in middle of all Chiefs fever


While most of Kansas City was watching the biggest game of the year so far, some people choose not to and made the sacrifice for their children.

It was a busy night Sunday in downtown Kansas City.  Passersby could hear the cheers coming from Power and Light District as the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Denver Broncos in Colorado.

And then right across the street, there was a different crowd at the Sprint Center for a teen pop concert.

Alan Waterman is a Chiefs fan caught between two worlds, who made a tough choice not every fan could make.

"I've been watching all the games this year.  I'm excited for them, was excited for this game," he said.

But he wasn't in Denver or even in front of a TV Sunday night to watch the game.  That is because he made a promise back in June.

"I had no idea that the Chiefs would be 9-0, and that they would have their biggest game of the year on the same night that Selena Gomez would be playing," he said.

Waterman took his step-daughter to the Selena Gomez concert right after a special dinner.

"I am very excited because we're in the 10th row, and they're very special tickets for me," Casey Main said.

It was a dark day when Waterman realized the scheduling conflict, but he says it was still an easy choice.

"I can record the game, and I can watch that later, but what I can't miss is having her watch the concert, and being there for that," he said.

Besides, Casey is 13 years old and still willing to hang out with the guy she calls "bonus dad."

"I think it is really fun, and I'm really excited to go with him," Casey said.

Waterman said attending the concert was the only thing that mattered, even if he could hear the Chiefs chants in the background coming from the sports bars of the Power and Light District - proving some things can still beat the Chiefs.

"No, no regrets at all," he said.

"I think it is very special, and I'm very excited to share this opportunity with him," Casey said.

Waterman said he would be checking the score periodically in the concert.

Denver defeated Kansas City 27-17, putting the Broncos and the Chiefs in a tie atop the AFC West at 9-1, with a rematch set in two weeks at Arrowhead Stadium.

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