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Crooks even stole diapers from Sylvester charity


Authorities in Worth County are searching for crooks who targeted an outreach organization, stealing food meant for families in need this Thanksgiving. Now that organization is asking for help, after a burglar nearly wiped them out, stealing food they collected to give out to families on Thanksgiving. But the crook or crooks didn't stop there.

Judy Hall with Family Visions Outreach in Sylvester showed us a half empty cooler. About 75 pounds of meat donated to feed families on Thanksgiving stolen overnight from its headquarters on West Price Street.

"They came in through this window and they went out through it," said Hall.

The burglar or burglars shattered the window en route to looting the nonprofit, but they didn't just stop with the meat. "They got pampers," Hall said.

This is what the shelves looked like around this time two years ago. This is what they look like now. Stripped of non-perishables. "Right now our sources are low and they've taken what little we did have. So we appreciate any donations."

While the thief may have needed the food, don't feel too sorry for them. Not only did they take food they also stole a pair of computers. And here's the greedy part, about 90 or so families who were depending on Family Visions for Thanksgiving dinner may now have to do without.

"Every year we shoot for 100 families. This year, if we don't get anything in, it may be four or five," Hall said.

 It's all paid for out of pocket, too. Despite this crime, Hall says she prays for whoever's behind it and has this message for them. "If you're hungry just come to me and I'll give you food." Whoever broke in the building likely has a gash on their body as they cut themselves on the way in.

Sylvester Police are looking for that person. Right now the goal of Family Visions is to get the food back that was stolen to help that in need on Thanksgiving.

Hall says this is the second time someone has broken into the outreach center. Call  229-347-0518 or 229-776-4382 to help.

 If you have any information about the break-in, call Sylvester Police.


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