Editorial: "Lessons Learned"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Montgomery Police Chief Kevin Murphy did the right thing when he reinstated the officer that was involved in the motorcycle "drag racing" incident that we all heard about and then saw after it went viral worldwide on the internet.  The officer also did the right thing when he didn't make excuses, held himself accountable and resigned following the release of the video.

Initially, when the video of the officer went public it was not a far reaching conclusion that Chief Murphy would act swiftly to remove this officer from the police force; and he did just that. What followed is what I want to draw attention to.  The officer on notice accepted responsibility for his actions, and not wanting to bring more embarrassment to himself, the city or the department– he stepped down.  The story could have ended there, but Chief Murphy as the leader of the department decided to reconsider his decision after taking in new facts and giving weight to the responsible manner in which the officer responded to this incident.

This is one of those "lessons learned" situations whereby an officer gets to stay on the job with a heightened level of awareness and concern for his actions; hopefully making for a long and bright career none of which would be possible if it weren't for the Police Chief's willingness and open-mindedness to change a decision in order to do the right thing by all and for all.

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