Guest Editorial: "MPS Grade Changing"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Delivered by: Michelle Summers/Employee Robert E. Lee High School

My name is Michelle Summers and I am currently employed at Robert E. Lee High School. After months of hurling accusations, and a lengthy and in-depth investigation, the leadership team of Robert E. Lee High School was cleared of all charges related to improper grade changing, based upon information that was submitted to Montgomery Public Schools by the State Department of Education.

Things to think about …

  • The state department of Education completed the initial investigation and turned the investigation over to MPS. If the discovery of grade changing infractions were so egregious at Lee High School that certificate revocation hearings are now warranted, why then, was the investigation returned to the local school system which lacks the authority to revoke, suspend, or place probation restrictions on an employee's teaching certificate.

  • Among other allegations: According to the State Department of Education's findings the principal is guilty of requiring teachers to reteach and retest.  Isn't reteach and retest a state-approved RTI teaching strategy?

  • If infractions were occurring during the 2011-2012, school year at Lee High School, why aren't the former administrators who were initially assigned to the school by Barbara Thompson named and accused, after all the current administration replaced them mid-year.

Like so many colleagues, parents, and community stakeholders, I believe that these malicious lies and conspiracies were started and continue as a result of the restructuring of Lee High School.

You be the judge today: Is this ploy, to destroy the leadership of Lee High School the result of restructuring and blatant retaliation?

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