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More drug suspects wanted


Twenty-eight people were indicted after the Chatham County Counter Narcotics Team (CNT) conducted a series of drug raids over the past ten months.

Agents say they seized 50 ounces of cocaine, but they believe these dealers sold about 30 kilograms of cocaine in the last year, which has a street value of more than a million dollars.

Investigators found more than two pounds of marijuana and 45 grams of ecstasy, also known as "Molly."

Ten guns were also seized, which investigators say had been stolen and used to commit other crimes.

More than quarter of a million dollars was found during these raids. $217,000 was seized at one residence, the largest amount CNT has ever recovered at one home.

One of main houses known as the distribution center was in Garden City. WTOC crews were there when that drug bust went down back in September.

Police raided a home on Priscilla D. Thomas Way, arresting six people. This is where investigators believe these drug dealers were making and selling drugs.

"A large number of Garden City's criminals, among other municipalities, are off the streets," said Chief David Lyons, Garden City Police Dept. "These aren't all Garden City people, but a large majority of them were Garden City's problem."

Even though this was the main house, investigators raided ten others around the area.

Agents believe they were getting most of the drugs from California, selling them to people in Georgia and South Carolina.

Investigators say they have enough evidence to prove all 28 people arrested were all working together which means they will face gang-related charges.

"You have what was a simple complaint turned into a long term investigation where you essentially identified an entire organization and you know the evidence speaks for itself," said CNT Agent Gene Harley.

Investigators believe there are more suspects out there. Ff you have any information call the Counter Narcotics Team at (800) 466-6806.

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