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Alabama man and former Secret Service agent recalls Kennedy's assassination

Lem Johns. Source: WBRC video Lem Johns. Source: WBRC video

Friday is the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination and people across the nation will mark the day.

President Obama has ordered flags at federal buildings be lowered to half staff, saying the day is to honor Kennedy's memory and "celebrate his enduring imprint on American history."

Among those remembering the assassination will be an Alabama man who was in the motorcade in Dallas. Lem Johns was a Secret Service agent assigned to protect then Vice President Lyndon Johnson, who was riding in the car behind Kennedy.

The retired agent now lives in Inverness. He spoke with Good Day Alabama anchor Mike Dubberly this week about the events 50 years ago. He was at Parkland Hospital where Kennedy was taken for treatment.

"When I walked in, I walked right past the presidential limousine....Saw the blood on the back seat. Flowers everywhere. I know I can't block it out. With everything that was going on. It's hard to do to block it out," Johns said.

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