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Dangerous diet trending on social media

It's a bizarre and dangerous new diet trend eating something commonly found in the bathroom, not the kitchen, in an effort to shed pounds.

Doctors warn this is not the kind of fiber you want in your diet.

Videos on YouTube tout the cotton ball diet as a quick way to lose weight. Basically you eat a cotton ball soaked in some sort of juice, rather than eating a real meal.

Doctor Fred Campbell says you should never try to eat something like a cotton ball.

"Since cotton is non-digestible and has something of a sponge-type effect, it might be an initial feeling of fullness in the stomach," said Dr. Campbell. "It possibly could cause some sort of obstructive effect lower in the intestines. I would consider that a fairly dangerous technique," he said.

Most cotton balls aren't actually made out of cotton, but rather bleached, polyester fibers that contain a lot of chemicals.

Doctors warn that over time, the cotton balls could create severe blockages or a full obstruction and could even be life-threatening.

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