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Marine killed in Beaufort shooting ID'd

Kelsey Dent(Source: Beaufort County Sheriff's Department) Kelsey Dent(Source: Beaufort County Sheriff's Department)

According to Beaufort County Coroner, his name is Jerrit Timberson, and he was stationed at the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. 

Timberson was shot Friday night, after he and a couple guys tried to rob a man they were planning on buying drugs from, according to police. 

Investigators say several people met up at a house on Hookstra Street to buy marijuana but when one man went to sell the drugs, he was held up at gunpoint.

 Robbers were messing with the wrong guy because the man defended himself by pulling out gun, shooting and killing 20-year-old Timberson.

A neighbor who lives across the street says he was watching a documentary on the JFK assassination when this all started. Just when the shots were fired on his TV, he heard them right outside his front door.

"I was watching some of the Kennedy assassination specials, then I heard bang, bang, bang, bang, said Gerald Wynn.  

It didn't take Wynn long to realize the action was no longer coming from his TV but from right outside of his home.

"I looked out the glass in the front door and saw a little car in the street and then the car took off," said Wynn.

Just when he thought it was nothing.

 "A car came racing up the street again and just various things were happening," said Wynn.  

Those various things- police say one of the robbers pulled out a fake pistol but little did they know, the man was armed with a real gun.

 That's when Wynn heard about five gun shots.

According to police, those shots were in self defense. When police got there, the body was found in this silver ford.

"I saw the little car in the streets and people milling around and the police were here with blue lights," said Wynn.  

Wynn has lived here for 30 years and he's never seen anything like this unfold right beyond his front yard.

"They had somebody in custody and they were handcuffing the second person then," said Wynn.

Police have charged Kelsey Dent with armed robbery; more people could also face charges. If you have any information contact Investigator Dowling with the Beaufort County Police Dept. at (843) 322-7958.

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