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Glendale police credit teen girl's quick thinking for catching crooks


Seventeen-year-old Rebecca has known for a while she wants to be a police officer. But she didn't think she'd be using what she's learned over the past year in the Glendale Explorer Program quite so soon.

Earlier this month, Rebecca's home was targeted by thieves. Police said the crooks showed up minutes after stealing the family's garage door opener and car registration.

"I heard a loud knocking at the door and the doorbell ring," said Rebecca whose last name is being withheld.

On the other side were two men police identified as Jason Wortman and Gerardo Ramirez.

Rebecca said their car was parked in the middle of her driveway. That's when she told CBS 5 News her training kicked in.

"As he was pounding on the door I had that feeling something wasn't right. That's when I kind of went through the mental checklist of what's he wearing, height and weight? A description that police would need," said Rebecca.

She also had the presence of mind to jot down the make and model of the car along with the license plate.

"It was right as my parents pulled up the garage door opened," said Rebecca.

Wortman and Ramirez took off but didn't get too far. The information Rebecca was able to provide police made it easy for police to track the duo down.

Looking back she said there is only one thing she would have done differently.

"Definitely call the police if you have any bad feeling like that. Just call the police which I should have done first," said Rebecca.

Wortman and Ramirez face multiple counts of burglary charges.

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