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Important question answered regarding speed cameras

Drivers keep asking when speeding cameras take a picture with two cars, how can it tell which one is speeding?

So we went to a hearing officer.

We saw the problem as we met drivers appealing their tickets.

These cameras snap pictures of drivers speeding past.

What about two cars in a picture?

Brian Mahon hears driver appeals for the Cleveland Clerk of Courts.

"It's based on a laser. It can actually track multiple vehicles along the path. It picks it up at a certain point and it tracks it from there for about 60 feet."

Mahon says the cameras even have the capability to track drivers changing lanes.

So although it may seem like a good argument to fight a ticket, two cars in a picture won't get you out of a ticket. 

Want to fight one of those tickets?

You'll have to come up with something else.

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