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IN CANTON: Fiery incident at Hydrodec

(Source: Nathalie King) (Source: Nathalie King)
(Source: Amanda Bober) (Source: Amanda Bober)

Canton Firefighters and Hazmat workers worked with extreme caution  to get a blaze under control at a commerical building that houses highly flammable materials.

The employees at Hydrodec North America LLC, which is located at at 2021 Steinway Blvd., experienced a chemical explosion that happened around 4 p.m.  All of the workers made it out of the building without anyone being seriously injured.

An off-duty officer called in for help after he noticed the smoke and heard the blast.

The facility, Hydrodec, is a global corporation that re-processes oil from electric utilities.  It uses liquid hydrogen in that process which caused some safety concerns for responding crews.

There were no evacuations to report. 

Crews battled the blaze for about three hours and remained on scene afterwards putting out several hotspots.

Authorities have not yet estimated property damage and crews continue to investigate a cause.

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