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Security at Cleveland's City Hall tightens after a 19 Action News investigation

Suddenly we see a lot more people emptying their pockets before going through a metal detector--quite a change from what we've seen before.

We've also noticed folks waved 'around' a metal detector--waved around by a police officer at a checkpoint at the front door of Cleveland's City Hall.

Since our story aired we've noticed a change. More people are being checked.

The city told us earlier it relied on random checks by officers would decide person by person when to send someone through the checkpoint and when to send someone around.

That caught our eye since guards at the Cleveland's Justice Center were brought up on criminal charges of dereliction of duty--charges because they missed a gun coming through.

So what about the change at City Hall? New policy?  The city says no.

We don't expect the city to tell us 'everything' about security at city hall--but what we're seeing tells us it sure doesn't look like it did before.

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