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Tips for Cyber Monday Shopping

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) –When you first hear the words "Cyber Monday," an image of laptops and pajamas on the couch tends to come to mind.

However, many people are going to be shopping on their phones this year to get the deals. Many brands have been known to offer up to 50% off their Black Friday prices. Retail experts recommend that on Black Friday, you buy electronics and fine jewelry. Those experts say Cyber Monday is the best time to buy things like clothes and shoes.

Free shipping is another great perk, but don't get taken advantage of by credit card hackers and scammers today. Try not to have your card info on file and be careful of unknown links, especially ones sent through e-mail. It's better to be weary of gift cards offered at really discounted prices.

Another thing to keep in mind, it's not just clothes offered at discount prices, but also airfare for next year's trips. You could end up saving a lot money.

Something to keep in mind, you may hit a few snags with slower wait time on web sites. Many of these sites offer deals for the next few days.

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