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Holiday decoration tips to keep you safe


Now is the time to put up the lights and decorate the house, but be careful because simple steps can lead to big problems.

The Tempe Fire Department says careless handling of Christmas trees, candles and lights can cause fire dangers. The most important thing you can do to be fire safe during the holidays is to plan ahead and take precautions. They say a dried-out tree can catch fire and burn an entire living room in just 30 seconds. Here are some helpful tips from the Tempe Fire Department to keep your home safe during the holidays:

  • Cut one inch off the bottom of your tree so it will draw water better. Keep your tree in a water-holding stand and full of water.
  • Do not place the tree near any heat source.
  • Buy artificial trees with safety approved labels (UL or FM).
  • Never use electrical decorations on an aluminum tree.
  • Never use candles on a tree.
  • Do not overload circuits or extension cords.
  • Be careful not to use tree lights with cracked or broken wiring. Use only laboratory approved lights.
  • Do not place lights or candles near anything that can easily catch on fire like curtains, furniture or bedding.
  • Turn tree lights off before going to bed or leaving house.
  • Put candles in non-flammable, sturdy holders or candlesticks. Do not place them where they can easily be knocked over like in windows or near exits.
  • Use only lighters designed to be child resistant and keep all matches and lighters out of the children's reach.

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