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Sexist or Chivalrous: Dating site makes men pick up the tab

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It's the latest matchmaking site to debut on the web. is about creating a romantic connection between two people with a compatible love for food.

"You can really get to know a person over a great meal. I think that can spark great conversation," said Natasha Rogers of Birmingham.

Like other dating sites, men and women create a profile with a picture and their story. On they also include their favorite restaurants and foods they love. Members are free to browse. When a man asks a woman out on a dinner date, he also pays a deposit.

"I would confirm the date and then I would pay a matchmaking fee to the site, and then a deposit which pretty much shows that you're serious about the date, and that you're going to pay during the date," explained CEO Kyle McGinnis. He says men agreeing to pay is meant to bring back old fashion dating.

"If you think the guy should pay for the first meal, this site embraces that," added McGinnis.

But some critics of the site are not convinced the promotes love matches or chivalry.

"Some females may feel pressured. They may feel like they are obligated for something more because they {the man} paid for it. Especially since they're putting on these websites some restaurants that may be costly," said Birmingham resident Tiki Curry.

Some even say women may just use it for a free fancy meal and the idea that men have to pick up the tab may be old school for some.

"I can see kind of a sexist slant to it," said David Rubey, who recently moved to Birmingham. He also said he might give the site a shot when it's available. recently launched in Los Angeles and New York. McGinnis says he hopes to expand the site into other major cities, including Birmingham.

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