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Birmingham BOE President talks about progress under state takeover

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"It's a sigh of relief," Randall Woodfin said when asked how he felt about the Birmingham School System no longer being under the oversight of Dr. Ed Richardson.

Woodfin, the Birmingham School Board President, says Dr. Ed Richardson is no longer overseeing and controlling the school system's finances.

"We are now in the position where we can look at our dollars and say how do we have a better impact on the classroom. Not only are we in control of our day to day business, but we can run our meetings make decisions that we feel are in the best interest of children," said Woodfin.

The school system is making progress with meeting the State Board of Education's requirements as well with addressing its accreditation probation. Woodfin says the new board recently met with the President of AdvancED in Atlanta about what needs to be done to get the system removed from probationary status.

"We are confident by March, when AdvancED teams come back to pay us a visit, to see if we've met those marks, then we'll be off accreditation probation at some point next year," said Woodfin.

Kassandra Brundidge has two kids in Birmingham City Schools. She is happy about the apparent progress and is ready for the state intervention to be over.

Brundidge said, "What will happen then is, I believe, the system will be able to attract more students. The system moves forwards, implements greater things for students, as well as for faculty so they can come up to a greater standard," said Brundidge.

Woodfin foresees a much better situation in the very near future for the school board, students and stakeholders.

"The accreditation probation, state takeover those are distractions that get us away from our mission of educating our kids," said Woodfin.

The State Board of Education will still monitor the school system's financial condition from Montgomery. A vote on ending the state intervention could come in September.

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