Editorial: "End the Conversation"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - What do you say we end the conversation once and for all on legalizing gambling in Alabama and pass legislation next year to let the people of Alabama vote and gamble if they so desire?  This week marks a grand opening of a magnificent casino and hotel in Wetumpka owned by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. Having witnessed the pictures and video of hundreds upon hundreds of people (assuming that most of these people are indeed Alabamians) I would say that the citizens of our state have already, and are voting now, with their wallets!

Whatever your beliefs are regarding gambling, the fact of the matter is it's already taking place untaxed in Alabama on Indian lands.  Why should our state not fully reap the benefits of taxing and regulating gaming on a statewide scale and capture much needed revenue for schools, prisons and health needs?  Again I repeat, Alabamians are already doing it anyway by gambling in legal Indian casinos or going across state lines and spending their money in neighboring states – benefiting, neighboring states.

So, for the political powers that be and the gaming pundits that do not, cannot and will not ever support gambling in Alabama please tell me why that is your decision and not our decision?  I'm sick and tired of overarching, prejudiced political party policies in our state that does nothing more than suppress the collective desire of the masses.

Want to shut me up and end this conversation, then provide the people of Alabama the opportunity to vote "yes" or  "no" for taxed and regulated gambling in Alabama next year. And don't get me started about the thousands of Alabamians who this week alone, drove across state lines to buy lottery tickets and a chance to win all or a portion of a $600 Million Dollar jack pot! 

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