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Man accused of murder confides in jail mate


A fellow inmate of Shan Cheley testified in court about what Cheley says happened the hours before Amber Deloach's body was found in the trunk of her burning car on Sept. 30, 2012.

 Michael Burnett met Cheley in jail and says Cheley confided in him numerous times.

"He was outside Poor Larry's and she came out and they exchanged conversation," said Burnett.  

Burnett says this was the first time Shan Cheley met Amber Deloach. He says she initially asked him for a cigarette and then asked him about how she could get drugs.

"He asked her if she had any money, she said no. Then he lifted her skirt and said we could make a deal," said Burnett.  

Burnett says Cheley told him they got into her car and drove back to his house and started to smoke crack.

"Then she started to want to leave but then they ended up having sex," said Burnett.  

Burnett testified after they had sex Chleey told him they drove to Yamacraw Village so Cheley could get his car.

Cheley told him they parted ways from there. Soon after, Cheley ran out of gas so he walked to a gas station.

"He had to get gas for his car so he left and walked to a gas station," said Burnett.

Burnette was adamant that Cheley never admitted to raping or murdering Deloach.

However, GBI investigators confirmed Wednesday that the blood found in Cheley's house was that of Amber Deloach.

The trial continues on Thursday at 9:30 a.m.

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