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Heated argument between longtime friends turns deadly

Raymond Richmond. Raymond Richmond.

An argument between longtime friends, possibly over drugs, ends with one dead and the other charged with his murder.

According to police testimony, on Nov. 8, Raymond Richmond and Terrell Screws argued before Richmond allegedly shot Screws.

Investigators say the pair argued at the victim's apartment complex on Winston Rd. During the argument Richmond left and came back, said Det. Alicia Hoover.

Det. Hoover says witnesses report seeing Richmond waving a gun at the victim. Screws was found shot several times outside is home at the complex. He was shot five times with the fatal shot striking his heart, lungs, and spine.

Several witnesses say it's possible Richmond was not the only shooter.

"Witnesses also stated it sounded like different types of weapons were being fired, but they only saw the defendant, Raymond Richmond, shoot the victim," Det. Hoover testified.

Hoover would not reveal which type of gun was used in the shooting, but did say different types of shell casings were found at the scene.

The victim reportedly lived in the apartment with several other men. They sold drugs from the apartment, Det. Hoover said.

We spoke with the victim's mother AndreaVandermaarel who says she had to stop herself from lashing out in court.

"Ifelt like I wanted to jump up out that seat and grab him by the throat and askhim why did he do that?" said Andrea. "What was the reason for you to do thatto him? What did he do to you, for you to turn on him like that?"

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