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Damaging evidence revealed during murder trial


The jury heard some damaging testimony Thursday for the man at the center of a Savannah murder trial.

Shan Cheley is accused of raping and killing 18-year-old Amber Deloach, then putting her body in the trunk of a car and lighting it on fire.

Cheley didn't actually take the stand but the jury watched the video of when investigators first brought him in for questioning.

Police released video last year asking the community's help to identify the man that bought a cigarette lighter and gasoline at a BP station.

Investigators say the man in those surveillance photos is Shan Cheley.

When investigators brought Cheley in for questioning, they didn't tell him what it was about. They asked if he went to the BP station on that September day.

At first Cheley denied he was there.  

"On a Saturday night? No I didn't walk into the BP station on Saturday night," said Cheley.  

He later changes his story.

"I put the gas in. I backed out and came all the way down Fahm Street," said Cheley.  

But the strongest evidence so far that connects Deloach with her accused killer is video the prosecution showed surveillance video in court on Thursday.

Prosecutors say that Amber Deloach's car can be seen driving through downtown Savannah in the early morning hours of September 30, 2012. Minutes later you see a man walking down that same street.

Investigators say Cheley admits that it was him walking in the video.

Det. Robert Santoro with Savannah Metro Police says the second time he interviewed Cheley, his story changed.

Cheley told investigators that he had actually met Deloach downtown that Saturday night.

Cheley said he had been on a continuous cocaine binge and that when he met Deloach, she wanted to know how she could get some drugs.

Cheley says he thought she was beautiful so they went back to his house.

"They arrived there together in her car. She didn't want to go inside so he advised her to pull around to the back of the house and that's where they did drugs and had sex," said Det. Santoro.

The trial continues Friday at 9:30 a.m.

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