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Court records shed light on Hanover murder




We're learning more from detectives in Hanover where they say a man was murdered Christmas Day. 52-year-old Keith Wood is behind bars now. Authorities say he killed a man over the holidays - but tonight, we are getting a better idea of what went on inside his home.

There's quite a few items big and small that were taken from Wood's home. From a white towel with a red stain on it, to a computer. Detectives hope these clues will help prove Wood killed his friend.

Keith Wood, the man accused with first degree murder, gave police his side of the story of what happened during Christmas, at his home in 8000 block of Peaks Road in Mechanicsville.

Court papers show Wood and the victim were hanging out Christmas Eve; smoking marijuana, drinking  alcohol and looking up stuff on the computer. 

Wood told detectives at some time during the visit he was working out, lifting weights on the bench press in the home and asked 49-year-old George Teal to spot him.

According to Wood, Peal straddled Wood's chest - and what happed next is bizarre.

Wood told detectives that Teal pressed the workout bar against his throat so hard, Wood passed out. And when he woke up, Teal was on the floor with severe injuries to his head and body.

According to the paperwork - Wood doesn't mention how Teal got his injuries to the head and body.

But on Christmas Day, Wood called the Hanover Sheriff's Office, saying he needed help because he "thought" there was a quote: "dead guy" in his house.

When officers arrived, Teal was laying on the floor of the workout room with severe injuries to his body.

Teal was immediately transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Detectives have searched Wood's home and have taken a long list of items including a computer, tools and a 5 pound weight. They also took swabs from the carpet, wall, weight bench and weight bar.

The investigation will hopefully give another side to the story...the side that can prove Teal was murdered. Right now, Wood is being held, without bond.

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