Sadie Robertson speaks at the Montgomery Performing Arts Center

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - 16-year-old Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson says she is, "just an ordinary girl from Louisiana," but she is already making a big name for herself, separate from her family's, off the screen.

Sadie spoke to an audience on Sunday at the Montgomery Performing Arts Center as a part of a fundraising event for Prattville Christian Academy entitled, "Afternoon with Sadie."  Ticket prices ranged from $38.50 to $82.50. Fans could also purchase a ticket for $100 which included a meet-and-greet and a picture.

After a quick question and answer segment, Sadie spoke about briefly about her family members and their faith. She expressed that her and her family's faith were of the up most importance to them, "Our whole family's big on faith, and that's obviously the number one importance in our life."

She also spoke about being confident in yourself and who you are, "I found a bible verse, I read it every day about being confident. It said, if you have confidence, you will be richly rewarded. You definitely have to keep strong in your faith and your confidence and know who you are as a person."

Sadie did not however speak about the comments made by her grandfather, the family Patriarch, Phil Robertson.

Phil was previously suspended from the A&E show Duck Dynasty, after comments he made during a GQ interview regarding homosexuality. After strong backlash from viewers including boycotts and threats from the family to withdraw from the show, the decision was reversed.

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