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Phenix City man shot while running after his own car


A Phenix City man is shot by car thieves and left in the street to die. The victim's aunt said she nearly ran him over because he was lying in the street near their apartment.            

Friends of Malik Smith, 21, said he is a graduate of Central High School and is in stable condition at the Midtown Medical Center, recovering from surgery he had Monday morning.

Phenix City Police said Smith was shot multiple times after a thief got behind the wheel of his car, which was idling in the parking lot outside his apartment. According to his aunt, Smith started the car for his mother who was going to borrow the vehicle to get to work. He said he didn't want her waiting in the car by herself late at night while it was warming up.

After the suspect drove off, Smith ran after him on foot. But as he turned the corner from 19th Street onto 4th Avenue, he saw the vehicle was stopped in the road waiting for another man to get inside. When the second suspect saw Smith running after the car, he started shooting.  

Smith's aunt, Suewannia Cooks, said she went to look for him after she heard the gunshots and nearly ran him over because he was wearing dark clothing and bleeding in the middle of the road.

"As I came upon him, he was calling my name. He said, Ti-Ti, Ti-Ti, help, help! So my car went around him, and I did a doughnut in the road. I put my blinkers on and I tried to drag him, to pick him up and get him in the car. I'm not quite big enough to help him, but he managed to get the strength and he dragged himself into the car. And I just remember speeding off and going straight to the Medical Center," said Cooks.

Police said the suspects ditched the car a short time later and it was recovered at nearby apartments. According to the family, officers detained several men in the area for questioning but police say those people were not connected to this incident.

Authorities are still looking for the suspects who perpetrated this crime. They are accused of shooting an unarmed man who was chasing after them on foot while they were driving away in his car. Anyone with information should call Phenix City Police.

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