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Chesterfield family plagued by troublemakers


From stolen plants to a beer-filled mailbox and a suspicious person at the door, a Chesterfield family says they are constantly dealing with riff-raff in the Brighton Green neighborhood.

Michele Eckman says it's a list she can hardly keep up with. 

"I heard something in the middle of the night, and then I got up the next morning, and you can see where they bashed it," said Eckman, pointing to her mailbox. "It was laying in the driveway."

"See that little motion sensor light?" she added. "The little thing in the middle? That was shoved all the way down." 

Then, more problems on the driveway. "I could hear the metal, and when I looked down, there was a whole bunch of nails just laying in the driveway."

She says they've torn down Christmas decorations, and turned on her water spigot, causing thousands of dollars in damage from flooding. Most recently, late at night, they say someone came and stood right at the door, peeking inside their home while they were in the living room. But then when the dog started barking, they ran off.

"It's just ridiculous that... really, are you supposed to stay up all night?" said Eckman. "Are you supposed to sleep with the windows up all night? It's out of control, and something needs to be done." 

Eckman lives with her older grandmother, and says the ongoing incidents and accompanying expenses are very stressful for her.

"It's frustrating and angering. Like I've said, we've never done anything to anybody. There's no excuse why somebody would want to keep doing this to us," said Eckman. "It's expensive and it's just frustrating."

She said she called police in the past, and they have increased patrols to help. She just hopes whoever is up to no good watches this story and stops. 

When you find yourself a victim of vandalism, even small everyday things, it's always a good idea to tell police. That helps them have context of what might be going on in your neighborhood. In Chesterfield, you can always call and report crimes to Crime Solvers at 748-0660. 

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