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Searcy House estate sale concludes Friday

The Searcy House. Source: WBRC video The Searcy House. Source: WBRC video

The First Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa is holding an estate sale to, in part, save the architectural antiques in the Searcy House.

The Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society says the house is structurally sound but they have not found a place to move it to.

The house is currently on Greensboro Avenue and was once the Tuscaloosa County School Board's location.

The preservation society says they're glad the items inside the house will remain in the area and that they need more time to move the house.

"We really just needed a knight in shining armor with unlimited resources, a wonderful lot in downtown Tuscaloosa, that they owned, you know, to come in and basically just be able to fund the entire project," Katherine Richter said.

The money raised by the sale will go toward the church's mission work. Those who would like to walk through the house and possibly purchase items must make an appointment by contacting Cochran & Anderson at 205-393-1997.

The estate sale concludes this Friday, Jan. 17.

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