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Marbury principal looks to the future, makes a difference


You could say Marbury High School principal Billy Hollon is all business, efficiency is the name of the game. And if you add it all up this veteran educator is making a difference everyday, every year.

"You save money and have a plan," says Hollon.

It was Hollon who brought AP classes to Marbury High and it was Hollon who made a serious push to improve technology.

Student Levi Colquitt remembers a principal who was very much part of the planning of the new Marbury High School. Talk about being hands on! Hollon even does the morning announcements at school.

"When I saw him checking on the building of the new high school and making sure we had the technology, that impressed me," said Colquitt.

The physical part of the high school is impressive, but it's the Media Center that's Hollon's pride and joy.

This is where you'll find 9 Kindles and computers. You'll find a lot of empty shelves, a clear focus to move the school away from the past and into the future.

Melissa Beeson is the school librarian.

"The long range plan is for students to take the Kindles home to encourage them to read. These will last forever whereas books simply wear out over time," said Beeson.

The school's theatre department has also taken center stage under Hollon's watch.

"He has really supported the theatre in the way of advertising," said student Tracey Booth.

Not only that the average ACT score at Marbury has improved. In fact, it's higher than the state average thanks to Hollon.

Hollon is the kind of principal who would really rather not be in the spotlight. He prefers to work behind the scenes doing what he does best and that is giving his students the very best.

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