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Birmingham Planned Parenthood closes temporarily

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Planned Parenthood in Birmingham has closed its doors temporarily.

A representative with the organization says they are slowing down their services temporarily in Birmingham but anti-abortion activists said they hope the close is permanent.

Thursday afternoon close to a dozen pro-life supporters lined the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood to pray.

"As of Tuesday they posted a sign that said that they're temporarily shut down," said Sarah Howell, a pro-life supporter.

Howell is with the Charismatic Episcopal Church for Life. She and others gathered to express their feeling about the closing.

"I was extremely grateful. Extremely grateful that women and children would be safer with the doors of the center closed," said Howell.

But as for a permanent closing that's unsure.

A statement from Planned Parenthood it read, "we are slowing down our services in Birmingham temporarily in order to upgrade our operations."

The sign on the door also said the closure isn't permanent and apologized for the temporary closure.

"If it reopens then it will continue to kill pre-born children and harm women so I'm hoping that doesn't happen," Howell said.

Also in the statement from Planned Parenthood it said, "Planned Parenthood Southeast is committed to excellence, and the effort we are taking is to verify that we are doing everything we can to ensure patients have a safe, positive experience while in our care".

While it may not be known how long the clinic will be closed people like Howell said they will continue to push for a permanent end to the clinic.

New Women All Women also served as an abortion facility in the Birmingham area but has been closed.

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