Editorial: "Sleeves Rolled Up"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - On Feb. 1, the new President of Alabama State University, Gwendolyn Boyd, will assume her responsibilities. There will be much to take on in the early days as Ms. Boyd meets with alumni, faculty, staff and students no longer as a candidate, but the actual President of ASU.

We're sure she fully anticipates a very busy first day, first week, first year as she gets her arms around all the various aspects of running a large university. This job comes with some loose ends relating to various allegations by the prior president and ultimately the audit finalized in late 2013. We look forward to Ms. Boyd's thoughts and findings on the before-mentioned loose ends. The new president of this public University owes the students, alumni, faculty and we the tax payers a personal assessment of her findings in the not so distant future and a subsequent plan of action.

We fully anticipate Ms. Boyd will come into her office with "sleeves rolled up" prepared to put her own stamp on ASU. Any clouds that she does not address and allows to continue to hang over the university will stunt progress and therefore should be top priorities to address and eliminate.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, we ask that the powers that be in the current ASU administration and board empower and embolden Ms. Boyd to do her job without any obstruction. If the path is clear, we have high hopes that ASU's new President can get the job done.

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