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New restrictions could cause pharmacy robberies/break-ins


Recent robberies have pharmacists on alert, but some say they not surprised at all.  They say the robberies are due to new restrictions on some medications by the Food and Drug Administration.

Brooklere Pharmacy in Adamsville is seeing up to a 20% cutback when it comes to certain prescription drugs.

"We warned that it was going to happen. We hoped it wouldn't, but we see that it is happening," said Johnny Brooklere about the recent robberies. "Right now they're cutting back on the availability of narcotic medications and with that cut back, the only way to go is to try to rob pharmacies."

Brooklere's been one of the fortunate ones. He has not been robbed, but he did have two back to back break-ins. The first time, the suspect got away with drugs. The second time not so much.

"We've got about 48 security cameras inside now," said Brooklere.

Brooklere Pharmacy also has many other security features we are not mentioning for security purposes.

Brooklere says the drug cutbacks are so bad patients are not getting what they need.

"What we had to do is: we've said that any new pain management patient that comes in, we've just had to turn them down. We won't add anymore," said Brooklere. "You have true pain management people not able to get their medicine, and that's sad. You've got hospice patients that aren't able to get their pain medications. That's sad."

The changes suggested by the FDA also changed the way doctors prescribe certain drugs.

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