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Alabama Legislature to take on two big issues on Thursday

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Changes to the death penalty appeals process and putting a 2-year wait on lawmakers becoming lobbyists are two of the key issues that could be hot topics today in Montgomery.

Today in the Alabama legislature, there are some major pieces of legislation that are in position to pass one chamber or the other. First in the Alabama senate, one of the key ethics bills of the legislative session would put a two-year restriction of lobbying the entire legislature for all former lawmakers.

This was sparked by the sudden resignations of both House budget chairmen. On the general fund side, Jim Barton quit to become a lobbyist. On the education budget side, Jay Love quit to work for the Business Education Alliance.

Senator Del Marsh says he wants to put an end to the revolving door practice of lawmakers leveraging their job in the legislature to become some sort of private sector lobbyist.

In the Alabama House, we're looking at the attorney general's top priority, which is to streamline the appeals process for death penalty cases. He wants to make that process significantly faster, making both state level appeals go side by side. There's a whole lot of opposition to this, but there is a lot of Republican support as well. That bill is in a position to move from the Alabama House to the Alabama Senate.

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