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Jindal's comment on medical marijuana may lead to bill


NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Gov. Bobby Jindal opened the door to possibly allowing medical marijuana to be sold in Louisiana. There has been a law on the books for years, but no way to legally get a pot prescription filled.  

Local mom Atasha King is planning to leave Louisiana for Colorado, one of several states where medical marijuana is legal. Her 2-year-old suffers from severe epileptic seizures - as many as 50 a day - and she says the drugs her daughter receives make her lethargic all day.

"If I had to go to Italy, I would - just so she could have a better quality of life," King said.

"I would tell her don't rent the moving truck just yet, you know?" said state Rep. Austin Badon, D-New Orleans.

Badon says he was surprised, but a statement Jindal made Wednesday may be the first step in getting a bill passed here.  

"When it comes to medical marijuana, I'll be honest. It's not an issue I've looked closely at," Jindal said. "If there is a legitimate medical need, I'd certainly be open to making it available under very strict supervision for patients that would benefit from that."

The governor's announcement came a day after supporters and opponents of marijuana gathered at the State Capitol to start the debate with lawmakers. 

Badon, who's pushing a bill to reduce the criminal sentence for simple marijuana possession to shrink the jail population, said if representative Dalton Honore of Baton Rouge doesn't sponsor a bill for medical marijuana he will consider it. He points outs that a similar law already exists here.

"If you had an ailment and you were to have a doctor or a physician that would write you a prescription, it would be legal," Badon said. "Unfortunately, there's nowhere in Louisiana where you can get that prescription filled."

Badon said Jindal's statement opens the door.

"Before yesterday, I was leery if a bill were to come about," he said. "But I think after he made that announcement yesterday you definitely will see a bill that would allow medical use in Louisiana."

While Jindal said he's open to medical marijuana, he stressed he does not agree with recreational or general use of pot. The state legislative session begins March 10. 

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