Editorial: Stepping Up

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - When push comes to shove and times get tough, Alabamians step up and rise to the occasion. Personally, I sat witness during some 48 hours at WSFA 12 News marveling at my news team with pride as I experienced firsthand the passion and dedication this news organization brings to events like this with the primary goal of keeping you safe and informed no matter what the toll it places on them; it's just what they do. I couldn't be prouder to serve them and wanted to publicly applaud them.

But, this is just one of so many stories of sacrifice, kindness and leadership that have come out in the last few days. Superintendents and teachers doing what they had to do with children that couldn't leave school, local mayor's and our governor making tough calls on government and road closures, first responders braving the elements to help those in need and regular folk helping stranded motorists with food, blankets and shelter.

I was not born in Alabama, but it's where I call home. I've always said to those that have never been here that it's the people that make it such a special place to live … so I proudly acknowledge all the people of Alabama for another job well done and for reminding me why I love this state.

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