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Church of Wells elder arrested in Gregg County

Jacob Gardner (Source: Gregg County Jail) Jacob Gardner (Source: Gregg County Jail)
LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - An elder from the Church of Wells in Wells, TX was arrested last Saturday in Gregg County.

According to police records, Jacob McGinley Gardner, 25, was arrested for criminal trespassing. Gardner was also charged with resisting arrest. He was released the same day on a $1,500 bond.

KLTV 7 learned of the arrest on Friday evening. Gregg County Sheriff Maxey Cerliano was not available to give details on the arrest.
Wells is a city of fewer than 800 people in Cherokee County. But in the last year, they've had two stories that would each send shockwaves through cities many times larger. Both of those stories center around a group that calls itself The Church of Wells.

In May of 2012, a baby, less than a week old, died. Family members who are members of the church told investigators that a group of 20 to 25 people, also church members, prayed over the baby when she showed signs of illness, instead of seeking medical attention.

They continued praying for more than 12 hours after the baby died before notifying authorities. No one has been charged, and the case is still open.

Then, in 2013, a family from Arkansas claimed that their daughter, 26-year-old Catherine Grove, was being held against her will by members of the church. The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office investigated, and Catherine told them that she was not there against her will, and that she didn't want her family to know where she was.

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