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List of candidates for Alabama offices


The following is a list of the candidates running for offices across the state.

You can find a list of candidates running for House and Senate in Alabama here.

  • Governor

R-Robert Bentley (incumbent)

R-Stacy Lee George

R-Bob Starkey

D-Parker Griffith

D-Kevin Bass

  • Lt. Governor

R-Kay Ivey (incumbent)

R-Stan Cooke

D-James C. Fields, Jr.

  • Attorney General

R-Luther Strange

D-Joe Hubbard

  • Secretary of State

R-Reese McKinney

R-John Merrill

R-Jim Perdue

D-Lula Albert-Kaigler

  • Treasurer

R-Young Boozer (incumbent)

D-Joe Cottle

  • Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries

R-John McMillan (incumbent)

D-Doug "New Blue" Smith

  • Public Service Commissioner Place 1

R-Jeremy Oden (incumbent)

R-Kathy Peterson

  • Public Service Commissioner Place 2

R-Terry Dunn

R-Phillip Brown

R-Chris "Chip" Beeker Jr.

R-Jonathan Barbee

  • State Auditor

R-Adam Thompson

R-Ray Bryan

R-Hobbie L. Sealy

R-Dale Peterson

R-Jim Zeigler

D-Miranda Karrine Joseph

  • Alabama Supreme Court Place 1

R-Greg Shaw (incumbent)

  • Court of Civil Appeals Place 1

R-William C. "Bill" Thompson (incumbent)

  • Court of Civil Appeals Place 2

R-Scott Donaldson

  • Court of Criminal Appeals Place 1

R-Mary B. Windom

Place 2

R-Beth Kellum (incumbent)

R-Kimberly Harbison Drake

  • Alabama Board of Education - District 4

D-Yvette M. Richardson (incumbent)

  • Alabama Board of Education- District 2

R-Betty Peters (incumbent)

R-Barry R. Sadler

  • Alabama Board of Education- District 6

R-Cynthia McCarty

R-Patricia McGriff

  • Alabama Board of Education- District 8

R-Mary Scott Hunter (incumbent)

R-Mike Parsons

R-Ginger Cochran

  • State House

District 1

R Phillip Pettus

R Sterling (Josh) Statom

D Greg Burdine

District 2

R Lynn Greer

D Andrew  "Andy" Betterton

District 3

R Fred Joly

D Marcel Black

District 4

R Micky Hammon

District 5

R Dan Williams

R Bobby Jackson

D Henry A. White

District 6

R Phil Williams

District 7

R Ken Johnson

D Jody Letson

District 8

R Terri Collins

D Rex Cheatham

District 9

R Ed Henry

R Melvin Hastings

District 10

R Mike Ball

District 11

R Randall Shedd

District 12

R Mac Buttram

R Corey Harbison

R Roy Jackson

District 13

R Bill Roberts

R Connie Cooner Rowe

District 14

R Richard Baughn

R Tim Wadsworth

District 15

R Allen Farley

District 16

R Kyle South

R Bobby Humphryes

D Daniel H. Bowman

District 17

R Mike Millican

R Jim Bonner

D Don Barnwell

District 18

R Gerry Wallace

D Johnny Mack Morrow

District 20

R Howard Sanderford

District 21

R Jim Patterson

D Patrick A. Jones

D C. Terry Jones

District 22

R Wayne Johnson

R Ritchie Whorton

D Dennis W. Stephens

District 23

R James T. (Tommy) Hanes, Jr.

D Jim Green

District 24

R Nathaniel Ledbetter

R Billy Hodges

D David Beddingfield

District 25

R Mac McCutcheon

District 26

R Kerry Rich

R Ginger Fletcher

District 27

R Will Ainsworth

D Jeff McLaughlin

District 28

R Doug Sherrod

D Craig Ford

District 29

R Becky Nordgren

D Michael J. Gladden

District 30

R Mack N. Butler

R Robert McKay

District 31

R Mike Holmes

District 32

R Barbara Bigsby Boyd

District 33

D Ron Johnson

District 34

R David Standridge

District 35

R Steve Dean

R Steve Hurst

D Stephanie Engle

District 36

R Randy Wood

District 37

R Bob Fincher

R T. Bryant Whaley

D Josh Burns

District 38

R Randy Price

R Isaac Whorton

District 39

R Heath Jones

D Richard Lindsey

District 40

R Koven L. (K.L.) Brown

D Ted Copeland

D Lindsay Ford

District 41

R Mike Hill

District 42

R James M. (Jimmy) Martin

R Kurt Wallace

District 43

R Doug Clark

R Arnold Mooney

R Amie Beth Shaver

R Cheryl Ciamarra

R John Bahakel

R Gina McDonald

R Don Murphy

District 44

R Joe Freeman

R Danny Garrett

R John Amari

District 45

R Dickie Drake

District 46

R Pamela Blackmore-Jenkins

R Steve French

R Justin Barkley

R David Faulkner

District 47

R Jack Williams

R David Wheeler

D Salvatore Bambinelli

District 48

R Jim Carns

District 49

R April Weaver

District 50

R Jim Hill

District 51

R Allen Treadaway

District 52

R Phillip Bahakel

D John W. Rogers, Jr.

D Patrick Sellers

District 53

R Elbert Peters

D Anthony Daniels

District 54

D Patricia Todd

D Chris Cummings

D Lawrence Conaway

District 55

D Eric Major

D Roderick "Rod" Scott

District 56

R Darius Foster

D Lawrence McAdory

District 57

D Merika Coleman

District 58

D Oliver Robinson

District 59

D Mary Moore

D William A. Barnes

D Chris Davis

District 61

R Alan Harper

R Brian Keith Foley

District 62

R Rich Wingo

R Jamey Clements

District 63

R Bill Poole

District 64

R Harry Shiver

R James Hall

District 66

R Alan Baker

District 69

R Loretta G. Grant

District 73

R Matt Fridy

R Jody Trautwein

District 74

R Dimitri Polizos

D Zack Buckner

District 75

R Reed Ingram

District 76

D Tracy Larkin

D Maurice Rollins

D Thad McClammy

District 77

R David Grimes

D John Knight

District 78

R Tijuana Adetunji

D Alvin Holmes

District 79

R Mike Hubbard

R Fred "Sandy" Toomer

D Shirley Scott-Harris

District 80

R Lesley Vance

R Alex Balkcum

R Mervin Dudley

District 81

R Mark M. Tuggle

D Dylan V. Oliver

District 82

D Pebblin W. Warren

District 83

R Gary Head

D Ronnie Reed

District 84

R Jerry A. McGilvray

D Berry Forte

District 85

R Ron Wilson

R Bobby Lewis

D Dexter Grimsley

District 86

R Paul Lee

District 87

R Donnie Chesteen

District 88

R Paul Beckman

District 89

R Alan C. Boothe

D Joel Lee Williams

District 90

R Charles O. Newton

R Chris Sells

D Walton Hickman

District 91

R Barry Moore

R Joshua R. Pipkin

District 92

R Mike Jones

District 93

R Steve Clouse

D Jennifer Marsden

District 94

R Joe Faust

District 95

R Steve McMillan

District 96

R Randy Davis

District 97

D Adline C. Clarke

District 98

R Wayne E. Biggs

D Darren Flott

D Napoleon Bracy, Jr.

District 99

D James E. Buskey

D Henry A. Haseeb

District 100

R Victor Gaston

District 101

R Chris Pringle

R Don Hembree

District 102

R Jack Williams

R Chris McNeil

R Anthony Clarkbanks

District 103

R Ralph Carmichael

D Charlie L. Staten

D Barbara Drummond

District 104

R Margie Wilcox

District 105

R David Sessions


  • State Senate

District 1

R Chris Seibert

R Jonathan R. Berryhill

R Tim Melson

D Earl Gardner

D Mike Curtis

District 2

R Bill Holtzclaw

R George Barry

District 3

R Arthur Orr

District 4

R Paul Bussman

R Bruce Whitlock

D Angelo "Doc" Mancuso

District 5

R Greg Reed

District 6

R Jerry Mays

D Roger Bedford, Jr.

District 7

R Paul Sanford

R David Blair

D Rhonda "Rose" Gaskin

D Michell J. Howie

District 8

R Todd Greeson

R Steve Livingston

D Randy Bruce Money

D Horace Clemmons

District 9

R Clay Scofield

R Wade D. Taylor

District 10

R Phil Williams

D Larry Means

District 11

R Jim McClendon

R Jerry L. Fielding

D Ron Crumpton

District 12

R Del Marsh

R Steven Guede

D Taylor Stewart

District 13

R Tim Sprayberry

R Gerald Dial

D Darrell Turner

District 14

R Cam Ward

District 15

R Slade Blackwell

District 16

R J.T. "Jabo" Waggoner

D Cindy Bell

District 17

R Shay Shelnutt

R Jim Murphree

R Gayle H. Gear

R Brett King

R Adam Ritch

R Joe Cochran

R Jim Roberts

District 18

D Rodger Smitherman

District 19

D Priscilla Dunn

District 21

R Gerald Allen

R Frank Chandler

D Phil Poole

District 22

R Stephen Sexton

R Harry D'Olive, Jr.

R Danny B. Joyner

R Greg Albritton

R Jeff Peacock

D Marc Keahey

District 23

D Robert W. Green

District 24

D Bobby Singleton

District 25

R Dick L. Brewbaker

District 26

D Quinton T. Ross

District 27

R Tom Whatley

R Andy Carter

D Haylee Moss

District 28

R John Carroll

D Billy Beasley

District 29

Melinda McClendon

Mark C. Taylor

District 30

R Clyde Chambliss, Jr.

R Suzelle Josey

R Harris Garner

R Bill Harris

District 31

R Jimmy W. Holley

R Garreth Moore

D Larry Greenwood

District 32

R Trip Pittman

District 33

D Vivian Davis Figures

District 34

R Rusty Glover

District 35

R Bill Hightower

D Beau Doolittle

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