Editorial: "Real Heroes"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Minutes after USA Olympic hockey team's T.J. Oshie scored in the eighth round of a shootout against Russia leading USA to a hard fought victory, he clarified something.

When a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review columnist happened to mention to Oshie that he was an American hero, he immediately corrected him, saying: "The American heroes are wearing camo; that's not me."

In the heat of the moment and coming off an emotional win it would have been easy for T.J. to have just said thank you and soaked up the compliment.  But, he didn't and in that moment this young man spoke a truth that hit me like ton of bricks, "The American heroes are wearing camo."

So often, we look to Hollywood or professional sports to define what a hero is and does.  They are people we want to be like, people that have what we want, people that do things we want to do and people that are "loved" like we want to be loved.

Let's set the record straight as to who and what a hero is. I would ask that we don't demean what real heroes do and who real heroes are.  My strong opinion of hero would be defined as the brave and honorable men and women of the military; real heroes who put their lives on the line selflessly for love of country.

What T.J. accomplished over the weekend for team U.S.A.'s Hockey team over Russia was thrilling, but not heroic. He should be commended for redirecting the spotlight to the true heroes of this world, those that serve and fight for our nation's freedom.

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