Guest Editorial: "AEA chief raises questions over Common Core"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - In an interesting twist of fate, Alabama Education Association Executive Secretary Henry Mabry published a blistering critic of the Common Core standards adopted by the State Board of Education.

The Christian Coalition of Alabama has raised questions about the Common Core standards as having little to do with education and more to do with political correctness.

Alabama parents are coming to the realization that the bait and switch tactics are finally catching up with the State Board of Education and the education bureaucracy.  Families with school age children and yes, teachers, are fed up. But, teachers who challenge these new standards risk losing their jobs.

This raises an important question, who is really on the side of Alabama's families, the teacher's union or the education bureaucracy?

Sadly, some Republican leaders are looking at their pocketbooks and hope to benefit from these new educational requirements.

There is a better way. We need to have standard testing, such as the Stanford Achievement Tests. We need to start testing at kindergarten and continue through the 8th Grade. At the end of Grade 8, students need to be assigned different curriculums based on their academic competence and desired career tracks.

Students would then begin curriculums targeting either technical colleges or conventional college prep.

It is our hope that the legislature will realize the importance to enact true educational reform in our school system and start with a serious debate over the Common Core standards.

By Dr. Randy Brinson

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