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Birmingham Water Works Board refuses to release internal audit

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The Birmingham Water Works Board refuses to hand over an internal audit to Fox6.

According to, the audit raises major concerns about the utility including accusations of unaccounted pay, problems with the work environment, and issues with no policy regarding board members receiving gifts.   

At this time, Fox6 is working with our lawyers to get a copy of the audit, which we believe is public record.

In an email, the spokesperson for Birmingham Water Works wrote:

"Thank you for your request.  The audit report was released improperly and is the property of BWWB.  We can't respond to this matter until our attorneys and General Manager have examined the audit report.  At that time more information may be released.  Thank you."

Fox6 called and followed up with a second email citing state open record law and was given the same response. The correspondence ended with this email, which has still gone unanswered.

"I need a legal explanation as to why this request is being denied and an explanation as to why it is not a matter of public record.  Please forward my email to the board's legal counsel. "

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