3 players gone from Auburn Baseball team

Auburn University Baseball coach Sunny Golloway says three players are no longer with the team.

Golloway identified the players as seniors Patrick Savage and Hunter Kelley and junior Chase Williamson. Kelly was dismissed from the team while Savage and Williamson are said to have left the team.

"We were brought here to try to turn the program around and play the game the right way. That comes back to team chemistry, caring about one another and not making it about yourself," Golloway said in an article on AuburnTigers.com.


"This has not been smooth," Golloway said. "It's been very, very bumpy. It's been bumpy because of the demands put on the program by me. I'll take full responsibility. That's why we've minimized our roster and why we will continue to minimize our roster until our attitude and effort are there. If the attitude and effort aren't there, you aren't going to be here.

The Auburn Tigers have lost four of the last seven games.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Auburn Athletics Department