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House candidate shotgun giveaway under scrutiny

A screencap from the giveaway on A screencap from the giveaway on

A candidate for the Alabama House is giving away a free shotgun. Republican Steve French hopes the contest peaks your interest in his campaign, but is it legal?

Steve French was looking for a catchy campaign gimmick and he definitely got one with a shotgun giveaway. French rolled out the giveaway Monday night and people were already talking on Tuesday. The only catch is: to register, you have to be a registered voter in Mountain Brook, Homewood, or Hoover, and legally you have to be able own a gun.

"We've gotten a really nice response," said French who has been involved with the Republican Party for more than 20 years.

French says every election you see candidates talk about their 2nd Amendment beliefs, and you always see the stock photo of them out in the woods with the gun. He wanted to do something different.

"I wanted to do something that conveyed that it's not just something I have a passing belief in, but it's something I really believe in," said French.

But is a shotgun giveaway legal? An agent with the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearm and Explosives says as long as the transfer of the gun is done so legally, no laws will be broken. That is exactly what French plans to do. The winner will take a certificate to Mark's Outdoors in Vestavia Hills to claim the prize.

"They can use it to get an 870 Remington as we'd like for them to do, or they can choose something else, but they will go through all the legal process anybody does when does when they purchase a firearm."

While it may be legal on the Federal Side, the Secretary of State office has no idea if this violates Election Laws. Fox6 called the election division, and was told they have never seen this, so they would have to look into it and get back with us.

French, though, is confident no election laws were broken.

"It's a giveaway. There's nothing people have to do," said French. "It's doing what we hoped it would, getting people to come to the website, take a look at what we're saying, what our message is."

The deadline to register is March 14th. To register you can log onto

Pamela Blackmore-Jenkins, Justin Barkley and David Faulkner are also running in the Republican Party in House District 46. The vote is June 3rd.

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