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Report: Suspect in Glade Spring, VA murders had nearly 50 firearms

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Kevin Palmer Kevin Palmer

While members of the Glade Spring, Va. community continue to mourn the lives lost in the early morning shooting Tuesday, new details have been uncovered documenting the events that led up to the tragedy.

On Tuesday, Kevin Dale Palmer, 44, 12131 Deerfield Lane, reportedly shot to death his wife, Kristin Palmer, 46, his son, Griffin Palmer, 17, and his mother-in-law, Nancy Griffin, 74. His father- in-law, Terry Griffin, 75, was injured.

Kristin Palmer, Griffin Palmer and Nancy Griffin died from their gunshot wounds.

Kevin Palmer was believed to have killed himself.

Terry Griffin was reported to be in fair condition at Bristol Regional Medical Center on Tuesday.

News Channel 11 obtained call reports and documents Friday from the Washington County, Va. Sheriff’s Office that details as far back as 2006 abuse and domestic violence allegations about Kevin Palmer.

A Sept. 14, 2006 document shows a domestic violence investigation between Kevin and Kristin Palmer.

A follow-up insert on Nov. 24, 2006 showed that Kristin and Griffin Palmer had been kicked out of their home on Deerfield Lane and that she had gone to court to file for custody of Griffin.

A continuation written on Dec. 12, 2006, showed that Kristin had provided an alternative phone number, belonging to her mother, Nancy Griffin, of 33325 Graceland Lane. When deputies attempted to call Kristin Palmer, Nancy Griffin told them that Kristin had gotten back together with her husband, that everything was fine and that they were “working it out.”

After discovering that Kristin Palmer was a teacher at Virginia High School, deputies called the school resource officer, who told them that she had shown up to work with bruises.

According to the report, the SRO talked with her about domestic abuse, but she told him that she was afraid of her husband and that she would not take any action against him or call for help.

Last week – Feb. 19 – the VHS SRO notified deputies that Kristin Palmer was in his office telling him that she was afraid of Kevin Palmer and was planning to leave the area with Griffin Palmer. She asked him about how to obtain a protective order.

During this time, the guidance counselor and SRO at Patrick Henry High School was trying to get in touch with Kristin Palmer about alleged abuse of her son.

After they were unsuccessful at reaching her, they went to the Deerfield Lane home, where she reportedly ran out telling deputies that they had to leave and that her husband would kill her.

She reportedly told deputies that she left school early to go home to gather her things and said that when she got home, Kevin Palmer was waiting for her.

Deputies said that Kristin Palmer was visibly upset, shaking and appeared to be frightened.

They reportedly took her to meet with a domestic violence advocate, while Griffin was with his grandparents.

She told authorities that she and Griffin had been physically, mentally, and emotionally abused for several years and said the abuse was a regular occurrence.

According to the report, sometime between Jan. 18 to Feb. 1, Kristin Palmer told deputies that she and Kevin Palmer had allegedly been arguing when he pushed her out of his room and down the stairs. While she said she was able to catch herself, Kevin Palmer reportedly threw a TV remote at her and hit her leg.

Deputies also spoke with Griffin Palmer on Feb. 8, who said his father came into his room, yelled at him, grabbed him by the side of the neck and hit the side of his head several times with a closed fist.

He said the attack left a knot of the side of his head.

On Feb. 14, Griffin Palmer added that his father asked him if he was still planning on going into the military after he graduated from high school. When he told him that he was, Griffin said Kevin Palmer said “I hope they don’t send you overseas, I want to kill you myself.”

Kristin Palmer’s parents, Nancy and Terry, were also interviewed by deputies, who told them that they were also afraid of Kevin Palmer and spoke of the ongoing abuse of their daughter and grandson.

On Feb. 19 around 3:30 p.m., arrest warrants were issued by Washington County, Va. Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court to arrest Kevin Palmer for abuse of both Kristin and Griffin.

Kevin Palmer was arrested and was taken to Southwest Regional Jail in Abingdon on a $2,500 bond. He was later released on bond.

Both Kristin and Griffin Palmer were reportedly in a safe location. She had been offered shelter, but said she had a place to go.

According to the report, Abuse Alternatives spoke with Kristin and she was issued victim resource and victim rights information from police and from the advocate.

Deputies were notified that around 50 firearms belonging to Kevin Palmer were reportedly in the home on Deerfield Lane and he was described in the report as a “survivalist.”

On Monday, Kevin Palmer called the warrants office to inquire about the expiration date on the emergency protective order issued against him, and told deputies that he needed to go to his home to “gather clothes and take care of his dogs.”

Information on the expiration was given to him and deputies told him that the protective order could potentially be extended.

Kevin Palmer reportedly said he was concerned about it being extended and said that he needed to go home.

Deputies and a Glade Spring police officer served Kevin Palmer the warrant around 5 p.m. Monday.

The deputy serving the protective order also said he activated his in car camera and the conversation with Kevin Palmer was recorded.

He reportedly expressed concern over the protective order and deputies told him that the next morning he could petition the court for an order to allow him to go and gather his belongings from his home.

The last report was issued 12 hours before the shooting, which occurred at 5 a.m. on Tuesday.

Since the shooting, friends and co-workers of Kristen and Griffin Palmer have held candlelight vigils, as well as a memorial service in their honor. Emory and Henry College, where both Nancy and Terry Griffin were employees, have also expressed their condolences and sadness over Tuesday’s events.

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