Editorial: "Courage"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - There are some topics that constantly tug at my heart, bullying is one of them.  Every year while I have this honor and privilege to deliver editorials I will deliver one on this issue.  I personally can remember some 32 years ago as a middle school student being tormented by three bullies. Three bullies that had nothing better to do, but exert their will through fear and force.  That's three years of my life that are gone, but not forgotten.

Fortunately for me, I had a strong foundation at home and surrounded myself with positive influences at school that gave me strength.  That's not the case for everyone and in moments of fear and desperation, there are those that are taking their own lives.  This must end.

No longer will I or this station allow those that are bullied to feel that they are alone and have nowhere to turn.  We are here to help.  This week WSFA 12 News sponsored a first ever "Bullying Hotline" to provide guidance and comfort to those being tormented or know someone who is.  Those that don't think bullying is a problem need to know that 180 people called in two and half hours … one is too many.

[WSFA 12 NEWS DEFENDERS: Bullying Prevention Resources]

So from someone who has been there, take it seriously when someone tells you they are being bullied. Check it out, stay close to them while it's being addressed and make sure you follow up on any incidents in the future.  It's no one's right to steal someone's happiness and it's all our responsibilities to do our part to end the cycle of fear.

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