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Group needs help getting beds to the needy


A group that helps provide beds to needy children needs more mattresses and box springs as well as the volunteers to deliver them.

The nonprofit group, Sleepyhead Beds, has just one truck and three staffers. They have a waiting list of 200 families.

"We take people's unused, old beds," said operations coordinator Melissa Evans. "We clean them. We sanitize them and redistribute them back out to area kids."

Mattresses are expensive, especially for those struggling to make ends meet.

Latricia Jones and her husband lost everything after she was out of work and had complications during her pregnancy.

"We ended up in a shelter for a time," she said. "We lost everything we had. We are trying to start from the bottom back up."

She now has a job as a store clerk. Her husband watches their 7-month-old daughter while doing mechanic work on vehicles.

They are now juggling groceries, rent and utilities. They don't have the money to purchase mattresses for the three older children and a crib for the baby. Mattresses generally cost about $300 and box springs typically are another $100 when bought as part of a set.

"It's expensive," Jones said. "It's impossible."

She and the baby sleep on an older couch. She said her children struggle because they can't get a good night's sleep by sleeping on blankets piled on a hardwood floor.

Sleepyheads would love to help the family who desperately wants to provide for their children, but the nonprofit doesn't have the necessary resources.

They are asking for help, including getting the mattresses they do have delivered.

"We don't have the funds to deliver all of these beds," Evans said. "It's a lot of beds that go out, and having volunteers makes a world of difference."

For more information including how you can help, click here.

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