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Firefighter's book aims to help people when natural disasters strike

Overland Park Firefighter Scott Finazzo and his book, 'The Prepper's Workbook.' Overland Park Firefighter Scott Finazzo and his book, 'The Prepper's Workbook.'

A natural disaster can strike anytime and anywhere with little or no warning and a local firefighter wants everyone to be as prepared as possible.

As the Kansas City metro comes out of a deep freeze, the Overland Park firefighter wants everyone to start planning ahead for the fast-approaching tornado season.

Scott Finazzo runs through an emergency checklist every day. It's a firefighter's duty to prepare, prevent and protect.

"We don't know what we're going to respond to. We need to be prepared in advance," he said.

Finazzo's ready when disaster strikes, and he co-wrote a book to help others be in the same position.

"The truth is that no one is immune to disaster or crisis," he said.

The book is called the The Prepper's Workbook. It's designed with the everyday person in mind. There's even a checklist for your pets.

"And this book to for them to think ahead and have things already in place rather than just be one of the thousand people in the grocery store line the day before grabbing bread and milk before the storm hits," Finazzo said.

The book walks readers through the basic power outage to the bigger events like tornadoes.

"One of the first things in this book is mapping out your house so you know where your water shut off, your gas shut off, electrical panel is, fire extinguisher is, carbon monoxide detector. Those things are vitally important and, especially if a natural disaster happens, your mind isn't going to be in a place to identify those," he said.

Finazzo sees how disasters can destroy families.

"When you see the families left behind or the families who are hurt or heartbroken because their family has been hurt or killed and that's where it really gets to you and you see that on a daily basis," he said.

He said the 200 pages of preps can save a great deal of pain.

Another quick tip Finazzo gives as we approach tornado season is to make sure you not only have a weather radio in your safe place, but also some snacks and water in case you have to stay there for a long period of time.

For those interested in the book, copies should be arriving at local book stores in the coming weeks and Amazon is taking pre-orders.

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