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Univ. of Alabama Faculty Senate equality task force meets with Tuscaloosa residents

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How to move the University of Alabama forward post discrimination and voter fraud allegations within the Greek system are just some of the goals of the U-A Faculty Senate's diversity task force. The task force was formed in October in the wake of those allegations.

"The Faculty Senate just wanted to take a strong role in helping facilitate some recommendations and suggestions for overcoming some of the problems that occurred in the Fall," Norman Baldwin, Chairman of the task force said.

Tuesday afternoon, the group held its first community meeting on campus. And for the first time, a poll worker told the diversity task force what we saw taking place. That worker said he allegedly say voter fraud during the city and school board elections last year.

"These people didn't even seem to know who they were voting for or how to vote," John Earl said. "Or anything about the process. They were just carted in there and carted out. And this sort of thing can never happen again."

But in November, a Tuscaloosa judge ruled there wasn't enough evidence to prove voter fraud.

Since forming last Fall, the diversity task force has already recommended changes that would make Student Government Association elections stronger, and increase penalities for anyone caught violating election codes.

There were not many students involved in Tuesday conversation and there were a lot of empty seats. That's just another issue facing this task force on how to get more people engaged in what's taking place.

"If we don't reach out to them, we really don't understand how their organizations are operating and what their needs are," Baldwin said.

There's no time table for the task force to make recommendations to the SGA. But one professor tells FOX6, he hopes it will take place by the end of the semester.

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